April 2008 Eastercon - Orbital 2008 Convention.

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Between the Stones: One of the images sold at Eastercon.~
The impetus to finally get some work out there was the World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow in 2005. I had been asked to be the masquerade photographer and as the last Worldcon I’d been to was in Brighton in 1987 I decided it was high time I went to another and to make the most of it I put some of my images in the Art Show. It had always been my intention to follow this by putting more pictures up for the Art Shows at subsequent National Science Fiction Conventions (aka Eastercons), however this year was the first time I’ve actually managed it.
I sorted out six images for printing, some new, some that have been done a year or so. I mounted them and set off for the delights of the Radisson Edwardian Hotel at Heathrow. The Art Show at Eastercon is a mix of amateur and professional artists displaying work usually for sale at auction at the end of the convention. I’m always a bit concerned putting my images up alongside paintings especially by professional artists as I’m in awe of their abilities (they can just draw what they want, I have to make it before I can photograph it!). The Art Show was a wonderful opportunity to get to meet some of the artists whose work I love and admire. In particular my work was opposite that of Les Edwards ( an artist whose work I’ve loved since first seeing his “The Priestess” at the Worldcon in 1987. We got to chat a couple of times over the weekend and much to my surprise I’ve got a mention and a plug for this website on his blog, Thank you Les!
Another plus was 5 out of the 6 prints I put up sold, all for well over their reserve at the auction, thank you to the buyers.