About Me

I am an amateur photographer, costume and model maker based in the south east of England who creates images inspired by fantasy and mythology using photography of both full size and miniature subjects and the occasional computer generated bit.

I am as much inspired by painters and illustrators as by other photographers. I’m a great admirer of the Pre-Raphaelite and Neo-Classical movements of the 19th century, in particular Rossetti, Burne Jones, J. W. Waterhouse, Alma Tadema, Lord Leighton and John William Godward. Illustrators include Arthur Rackham, Maxfield Parish and from the more modern era, Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Jeffrey Jones, Brian Froud, Alan Lee and Brom. I love the photography from the beginning of the 20th century especially what was being done in the pre Hayes code Hollywood by Clarence Sinclair Bull, Edwin Bower Hesser and George Hurrell amongst others. A lot of my photographic inspiration is from this period or before such as Julia Margaret Cameron, though in terms of contemporary photographers, I particularly admire the work of Joyce Tenneson and David Penprase.

I have a degree in the Science of Photography from what is now the University of Westminster in London.
I'm a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and a member of their Digital Imaging Group.
I have had images published on several occasions including in The Sunday Times Magazine.
I've been the official photographer for most of the British Costume Conventions and the masquerade photographer for "Interaction" the 2005 World Science Fiction Convention.
I'm a member of Crawley Camera Club and was their Photographer of the Year in 2013.

I have made many masquerade costumes for Science Fiction Conventions including designing and making a good part of “Innocence Lost” the entry that won Best in Show at "Reconvene" the 50th National British Science Fiction Convention. I tend to specialise in using various craft techniques and leatherwork rather than conventional sewing.

Model Making:
At one time I was a very prolific model maker, picking up several awards including winning the S2F2 trophy at the 52nd Model Engineer Exhibition. Models I've made have appeared on network TV and on video and DVD.

I now combine my talents to create images like the ones displayed here using friends, acquaintances and models as subjects.

Characters and miniatures are shot on a high resolution digital SLR allowing very large prints to be made.

Please note all the pictures are of people over 18 years of age. I do not work with models under the age of 18. I am always looking for people to appear in my pictures so if you’re interested and can get to the south east of England for a shoot, get in touch using the contact form.

I occasionally exhibit prints at British National Science Fiction Conventions (Eastercon) and at World Science Fiction Conventions when they come to Britain (Interaction 2005 and Loncon 3 2014) . Its my intention to offer limited edition prints of certain images at some point in the near future, contact me if you would be interested in buying one.